Creating Professional Relationships Is Our Passion

Premier Automation & Engineering connects employers with our skilled employees

The automation industry is growing. If you want to stay ahead, you'll need to continue to utilize skilled, dedicated employees. Finding the right candidates can be difficult without the proper connections. When you work with Premier Automation & Engineering, the process is easy. We recruit skilled tradesmen with extensive knowledge in the industry. You can simply tell us what you're looking for. We'll take care of the rest.

Save yourself time on

resume reviewing and interviewing

The hiring process is all about trying to determine which candidates best fit your company's functional needs and overall culture. This can mean sorting through hundreds of resumes and spending hours interviewing people. If you could make this whole process easier, why wouldn't you?

Everything is more efficient when you work with Premier Automation & Engineering. We take care of the tedious parts of the hiring process for you. Because we have high standards and connections across the continent, you can trust that you'll get dependable, well-qualified candidates through us. Schedule a call with one of our staffers today to get started on the hiring process.

Automation companies are

always hiring

If you want a future in the automation industry, all you need are skills, experience and a good connection to employers. Fortunately, we've got those connections covered. We're currently recruiting skilled tradesmen, including:




Machine builders


Pipe fitters


Robotics programmers


PLC technicians

Many of the tradesmen we recruit are from Mexico or Puerto Rico, but we connect clients with jobs throughout all of North America. You can build a future somewhere new with our help. Contact one of our team members now to discuss your goals and experience. You can call us at 810-503-4243.