Rae Beadlescomb


Office: 810-503-4243 ext. 110
Fax: 810-821-2200
Email: rae@premiermx.info

Rae started at Premier in 2019 as an accountant dealing with payroll and the company finances. Over the past 4 years she has been involved in multiple different industries. Outside of work, Rae enjoys camping and exploring state parks with her significant other and their two dogs.

Steve Deacon

Account Manager

Steve started with Premier when we first started working In Latin America. He has thirty years' experience in the Automation industry. Steve has helped us in developing clients such as Tesla and Ford. Steve lives in Guanajuato Mexico with his wife Mary Carmen and his two boys Kevin and Tony.

Julie Foley

Email: r julie@premiermx.info

With 24 years as a bicultural entrepreneur in Central México, Julie was a great match for heading up our México office and International Recruiting. She has a Bachelor´s Degree in Anthropology and English Literature and a Master´s Degree in Management from both México and the United States. She serves on the board of a nonprofit organization dedicated to reproductive justice and is engaged in local permaculture projects dedicated to local commerce. Nature is essential to her well-being and she is grateful for any opportunity to be in it!