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If you own a factory, you know how essential well-qualified employees are. You want to hire hardworking, dependable workers who have the experience you need. The best way to get in touch with these prospective employees is working with a staffing agency like Premier Automation & Engineering. We fill positions for skilled automation industry jobs throughout North America. You'll make connections that last, leading you to a more efficient business.

Speak with one of our professional staffers now to learn more about us. You can call us at 810-503-4243.

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Do you need tier two automation tradesmen? We can connect you with prospective employees who:

  • Have years of experience in your specific industry
  • Have reputations as reliable employees
  • Meet your education requirements

Because we have experience with worldwide automation companies like Kuka, we know the ins and outs of staffing. Meet with one of our helpful employees today to get started.